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Point of Sale & Back Office Solution

A software platform used onboard and in the warehouse to enable the Always Open Store optimizing the onboarding inventory of products and enabling pre-board, onboard and after arrival purchasing of products, food and beverage accessed by travelers or crew via their mobile device with VIP on the Go app or Point of Sale device.

Smart Retail’s Point of Sale Solution is an on board retail application designed to run on tablets, smart phones or all in one devices. The POS solution is available in iOS, Android and Windows.



The NorthStar e-Reports take the confusion out of after-flight reporting. It can be distributed internally to pilots and management in a timely manner with all the conveniences that come from a handheld device.

Quick Transaction Times

NorthStar POS is designed by a team of established industry experts to provide the fastest possible transaction time while gathering all required information. A detailed understanding of the different airline operating models utilized by scheduled, low cost and charter airlines in different regions of the world allows the NorthStar team to build the perfect bespoke solution for our clients on a case by case basis.

Wireless Capabilities

Advanced wireless options enable the system to reconcile the flight as soon as a telephone connection is available. Using 4G or a Wi-Fi connection on board, instant processing of sales facilitates the sale of real time, virtual products, instant bank verification to eliminate exposure and improved banking terms. Wireless communication also facilitates the provision of last-minute information relating to both stock and individual passengers in terms of presence and position on board. Additionally communication between POS devices optimizes communication between crew members who can share information pertaining to stock levels and sales targets.

Chip & PIN Security

NorthStar POS has advanced payment solutions for chip and pin and contactless methodologies. Boasting a team with a proven track record in delivering fully accredited PCI DSS solutions in several regions of the world, the NorthStar team can guarantee a smooth navigation through the often painful process of bank accreditations.

Pre-Order Program

North Star POS offers a fully functional pre-order program which enables the passenger to order products using either the client website or VIP on the Go for delivery on-board thus ensuring that the passenger has control of their flight experience and will invest accordingly rather than spending money at the airport.

Sales Tools

POS offers a comprehensive suite of special offers creating an opportunity for our clients to “up-sell” by establishing sales patterns based upon routes, calendar dates and demographic occupation and establishing potential for enhanced offerings based upon volume savings, combinations, exclusives or chronologically driven clearance offers.

Inline Training

North Star POS provides unrivaled training options based upon the target of each flight attendant being a competent user of our system within 3 hours of education. This is achieved by combining our online classroom and crew room solutions with our highly intuitive user interface.

Hard Copy & Electronic Records

The North Star POS allows for electronic and hard copy printouts for passenger and customs receipts. It also has dynamic tax and currency calculations.

The NorthStar BOS system is designed to provide fast, easy access to key product indicator (KPI) reports and enable the manipulation of products, prices, currencies and special offers driven only by data. In addition, the file presentation options available for Northstar BOS enable easy interfacing into third party systems including, warehousing, cashier and CRM modules.

In short, the NorthStar BOS helps airlines to deliver strategic objectives with the opportunity to reduce costs, boost revenue, drive growth and increase client based intelligence.


Big Data

The NorthStar BOS gathers passenger information, which allows airlines to gain valuable marketing information. Form there, airlines can facilitate targeted special offers which can be delivered to specific individuals. It is also capable of communicating with a POS system utilizing tablets, smart phones or all in one devices running any of the major operating systems.

System Granularity

North Star BOS manages products, prices, currencies and special offers by route, date, flight number, leg and even time to ensure that the on-board POS system is empowered to deliver the optimum product offering on-board and gather precise management information.

Audit Trails

NorthStar BOS creates a precise audit trail. The movement of stock and bar carts are tracked by geographical whereabouts and system operator while all transactions on board are registered along with a time stamp and crew pin. This enables full visibility of the movement and handling of stock and identifies the areas where adjustments are needed to improve shrinkage and wastage figures along with general operating processes.

Efficient Logistics

North Star BOS is designed to minimize labor intensity. Detailed packing plans and the ability to scan products in and out of the warehouse create logistic ease of use. An automatic reconciliation feature calculates cash and stock results within customer defined tolerance levels and returns only the flights with out of tolerance results for manual consideration. This expedites bonded store activity by up to 500 percent. Most importantly the interface of the system has been designed to deliver training requirements of no more than a day, regardless of the nationality and education level of the user.

3rd Party Integration

North Star BOS can be seamlessly integrated into third party systems for the management of external warehousing, data mining, crew commission payments, bank reconciliation, crew rostering and specialized board level reporting.

Professional Implementation & Training

North Star BOS is delivered by a project team offering the state of the art training and ongoing technical support required to achieve IT excellence within the retail sector.

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