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Your Ultimate Travel Companion

VIP on the Go is your own concierge assistant. The free, convenient app allows passengers to address and plan everyday travel needs on the go with their smart phone, tablet, or at home on a personal computer.

Book Destination Offers

Book recreation activities available at your destination.  From sky diving, tours and more, VIP On-The-Go makes traveling easy and fun.

Medical Emergencies

A medical emergency is only more complicated when you’re traveling.  Especially if you are in a new city.  Trying to find medical care can be a daunting task.  Which is why VIP On-The-Go is well informed and able to find the help you need when you need it.

Airline Miles & Rewards

Passengers will be allowed to use airline miles or reward points to purchase food, beverages, retail items or even gambling in some cases.

Convenience & Entertainment

While waiting for a flight to board or while in the air, passengers can order in-flight food, beverages, streaming movies, play games or even chat with fellow travelers.

Discover New Adventures

Submit your favorite activities, interests and hobbies and get alerts when other’s who share your passions are available to join the fun when traveling.  It’s a social network for life on the run.

Service Made Convenient

Interacting with your flight attendant becomes a breeze.  Sending requests becomes much more discrete and efficient as the flight attendant will know what you need and deliver it on the first visit.  While boarding items can be purchased and delivered on the flight.  Now that is service!

Cool Technology and the Human Network

At the core of VIP On-The-Go are impressive algorithms that bring enterprise networks together with our partner's services, conveniently under one app.

Enterprise Networks

The massive corporate networks of our partners including airlines, hotels, and web technologies make the case for VIP On-The-Go to be a well informed and capable concierge.

The Human Network

Where enterprise networks end and small business begin.  Tour operators, Guides, Stylists and more make up our network of merchants providing you with great value destination offers.  We manage the technology that bring these elements to VIP On-The-Go.

Smart Retail

The corner stone of integration is our Smart Retail software platform.  A Back Office and POS suite that connects airline logistics to the traveler’s mobile device.  VIP On-The-Go has all the elements it needs to be your ultimate travel companion.


Smart Retail

A software platform used on board and in the warehouse to enable the Smart Retail solution. The entire logistics process and sales cycle are managed via the back office portal. Crew access the system from a wide selection of devices, while travelers have the option of interfacing via VIP On-The-Go.

Point of Sale


ABOUT: North Star Connect

North Star Connect is a featured asset for airlines that provides customers with top-rated industry technology to enhance their travel experience.

Whether before, during or after the flight, North Star Connect has a selection of products to meet and exceed the needs of today’s traveler as well as improve efficiency within airline staff.

Smart Retail System:  A software platform used onboard and in the warehouse to enable the Always Open Store optimizing the onboarding inventory of products and enabling pre-board, onboard and after arrival purchasing of products, food and beverage accessed by travelers or crew via their mobile device with VIP on the Go app or POS.

VIP On-The-Go: A mobile concierge application providing a highly personalized travel and shopping experience specific to each destination and flight including on board products, media and services and the discovery and booking of destination merchant services and products. Social travelers can network and share destination experiences together.

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